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 Daniel Vest 

 Film Composer 

New Single

October 23



Director: Sarah Carlsen

Cinematography: Lucas Hebsgaard

Manuscript: Bashar El-Zouheiri

Producer: Anders Puggaard-Hess  




Daniel Vest (a.k.a. Daniel Vestergaard) is a minimalist film composer who writes and produces music. He has composed the music for several projects, arranged concerts, performed and conducted his music. With his minimalist mindset, Daniel is drawn to repetition, simplicity and the thought that "less is more". The musical universe of Daniel Vest is best described as minimalistic, ambient and instrumental.

Work with Daniel Vest:

Daniel has a wide understanding of music and wide knowledge from his education in music. He is a very cooperative and pleasant composer, who puts a great deal of engagement in every project he goes into. With the ability to listen, be calm and focused, Daniel can offer very enriching and positive collaboration. 

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On our short movie project “4140” we had the pleasure of working with Daniel Vestergaard. He quickly managed to capture the thought-provoking themes of our film and did so by creating well-composed, suitable music. Daniel was a reliable partner and never failed to miss a deadline. He fulfilled the requirements we demanded and did so with an inspiring enthusiasm and dedication.


- 4140 production team


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